Wood Roasters

Traditional wood fired roasters who used direct heat and radiant heat, having firebricks under the drum,  were extremely hard to control, as roasting was always affected by room temperature, wood quality and – most importantly – thermal inertia. 

The IMF Wood Roaster series transfers wood fire heat indirectly to the beans, generating hot and clean air around 600°C temperature. When wood heats up to such temperature, internally contained gases are released and the wood bursts into flames, reducing the the quantity of smoke and smell conveyed to the beans.

600° C is obviously too high to roast coffee, therefore IMF patented Vortex system mixes this hot air stream with fresh air from the environment through a PLC controlled modulating valve, in order to reduce the temperature at the exact one required for roasting.

This means the operator can increase or reduce the heat at any stage of the roasting process within a few second, preventing the system from being effected by thermal inertia.
This is something that has never been possible on a wood roaster before. 

IMF has managed to successfully combine the once most used heat source, wood, with the patented Vortex system, integrating traditional roasting with brand new technology.

Thanks to the R&D knowledge of roasting process, IMF is now able to supply most of its roaster models in tailor-made wood fired version.