Word to the industry experts

The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and technological development of its products has led to unparalleled accuracy and control roasting possibilities, arousing the interest of major coffee industry experts

Word to the industry experts
A focus on IMF Roasters

Sustainability and technological development have always been distinctive features of IMF, starting with the recent installation of a photovoltaic system in its factories to contribute to the company’s energy sustenance. Another important aspect for IMF is the continuous technical research in order to limit the environmental impact of its products, with particular attention to reduced consumption and emission levels. Word to the industry experts.


The constant commitment to product study and technological research has led to a high level of accuracy and control of the roasting process, particularly appreciated by customers and industry professionals all over the world, such as Scott Rao, of Prodigal Coffee in the USA:

“The IMF exhaust fan and burner temperature are independently controlled. That means we can have whatever throughput level we want at anytime. It also allows one to use inlet-temperature profiling, which is the best way to control an air roaster.”

Visit his blog to read the full version of his article and learn more about choosing IMF roasters.

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