Strategic partnership with Caffè Borbone

Strategic partnership with Caffè Borbone
From left to right: Massimo Renda, president of Caffè Borbone and Alessandro Garbin, majority shareholder of IMF

OCCHIOBELLO (Rovigo) – Caffè Borbone reinforces its partnership with IMF, the Veneto-based company that manufactures technological coffee roasting systems. 2013 marked the first encounter between the two companies with the undertaking to improve quality standards. Almost ten years ago, Massimo Renda, president of Caffè Borbone and Alessandro Garbin , majority shareholder of IMF, met for the purchase of the first machine.

Since then, an uninterrupted partnership has followed, leading to the sale of numerous machines to Caffè Borbone, culminating in the manufacture of a completely customized system.

The partnership between Caffè Borbone and IMF

The common goal of the two Made in Italy companies has always been to guarantee ever higher quality standards. The new machines ensure high-quality roasting, reliability and high energy performances with a minimum impact compared to tradition post-roasting emissions – even lower than the ones laid down by European standards.

The latest project, currently being implemented, is the automated system which will be added to and complement the existing one. The operation required highly sophisticated technical solutions that were difficult to implement in order to meet the Naples-based company’s requirements.

Alessandro Garbin: “Our technology guarantees energy efficiency levels and low emissions to the atmosphere, thanks to the use of a single burner, the Vortex patent and featuring an integrated post-combustion device”.

Alessandro Garbin continues: “Reliability, guaranteed quality and consistent production have led to impeccable performances and a result that enhances the qualities of the coffee. In addition, we guarantee contact with the customer at all times through our on-line remote support service, which means that we offer a truly first-class after-sales customer service.”

Alessandro Garbin adds: “We are very proud of the fact that Caffè Borbone has renewed its trust in and partnership with us over the years. Over time, we have successfully completed several projects for them by integrating our technologically advanced machines, equipped with dedicated roasting software, to Caffè Borbone’s management system.”

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