Innovation and sustainability in coffee roasting

complete coffee roasting plants

Innovation and sustainability have always characterised the profile of IMF, Italian leader in the design and construction of coffee roasters and turnkey industrial plants for the coffee industry, with a focus on nowadays environmental and energy matters.

The specificity of the technology of the Occhiobello company lies in the hot air roasting system, which guarantees great control, constancy and precision of the coffee roasting process, thanks to the integrated abatement system ensuring low emission levels, in line with the worldwide reference limits. In fact, IMF roasters present a single combustion chamber, positioned separately from the machine, having two functions: heating up the roasting air to be sent to the drum, treating at the same time emissions to the atmosphere, with significant savings on consumption. The secret of constancy in production is given by the ability to manage and regularly regulate the air flow and temperature. Agility and flexibility in controlling these two variables make the IMF machines capable of roasting tons of coffee, cycle after cycle, with absolute repeatability and reliability in the reproduction of the chosen roasting profiles.

CoffeeTrend magazine May 2022: