IMF Roasters for industry

Based in Occhiobello, the company designs and proposes exclusive and innovative solutions for the coffee industry.

IMF Roasters for coffee industry

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing world, companies must be able to continuously adapt to latest industry trends. This ability is particularly important when operating in a globalised market with varying demands customised to individual client needs. A context where IMF is highly competitive thanks to its unwavering commitment to research and development, which has yielded technological solutions scaling the company to new heights without ever compromising its professionalism and exceptional quality of roasting, all with an eye to environmental sustainability and energy savings.

Founded in 1994, the Italian company has developed an innovative roasting technology with a convection system unique to its kind, whereby clean hot air is recirculated through a dual-function combustion chamber, able to generate the necessary energy for the roasting process, thus reducing atmospheric emissions and ensuring considerable energy savings, as well as a substantial reduction in production costs.

This thermodynamic process, along with integrated proprietary software used to set the parameters of the roasting profiles, is used indiscriminately in both industrial-scale models and smaller-capacity systems, particularly suitable for processing speciality coffee.


IMF Roasters solutions for the coffee industry

One high-capacity solution designed and developed at a leading Italian industrial roasting company includes automatic cleaning systems, green coffee selection and storage systems, an RM480 automatic industrial roaster and three blocks of eight silos each to contain the roasted coffee. The plant also includes a grinding section with industrial cylinder grinder and controlled-atmosphere ground coffee storage silos.

CoffeeTrend magazine May 2023: