IMF Roasters’ advantage features

– Interview with Niko Sunko, from Bell Lane Coffee, Ireland

The Italian company discusses the important issues and limitation about the roasting process like power or batch capacity with Niko Sunko, Irish coffee roaster.

IMF RM60 Roaster - IMF Roasters’ advantage features
IMF RM60 Roaster (Bell Lane Coffee Credit)

OCCHIOBELLO (Rovigo) – In the wake of European and global expansion, companies need the ability to continuously adapt to the latest industry trends. IMF meets Niko Sunko, Roastery Manager & Green Coffee Buyer at Bell Lane Coffee, to talk about the advantage features of choosing the Italian-manufactured roaster. Extensive knowledge of the raw product and punctual technical approach stand at the base of the strong growth of the Irish company located in Mullingar.

I wanted a machine that had NO limitations. So, after an extensive research IMF was the only machine that had no limitations when it comes to power or batch capacity. It is nice being able to roast a full batch in under 8 minutes. Being a full convection machine allows specialty roasters to roast few points lighter without risking underdevelopment.

All IMF models are, in fact, equipped with a particular system of recirculation of hot clean air through a single dual function combustion chamber, which makes it possible to generate the energy necessary for the roasting process. Moreover, reducing emissions at the same time and guaranteeing considerable energy savings with significant production costs reduction.

IMF Roasters’ advantage features

Born with an industrial soul set on productivity purposes, able to easily process tons of coffee batch after batch with unmatched output consistency and reliability, IMF has been increasingly focusing on specialty coffee treatment, a natural development in order to fulfill every need related to roasting and profiling of highest quality single origins.

IMF Roasters’ advantage features

Innovation and sustainability have always characterised the profile of IMF. With a proactive and smooth approach, customer’s requirements are at the centre of the project, with made-to-measure final product and service personalization and a focus on nowadays environmental and energy matters.

Form technical support designing the new roasting space to the delivery and installation. I was very impressed with the approach from the technical team, from day one they were thinking of what I might need in future and implemented solutions for future like green and roasted coffee management.

Niko Sunko, Stephen Bell, Leonardo and Andre - IMF Roasters’ advantage features
Niko Sunko, Stephen Bell, Leonardo & Andre (Bell Lane Coffee Credit)

IMF Roasters’ advantage features

The constant commitment to product study and technological research has led to a high level of accuracy and control of the roasting process, particularly appreciated by customers and industry professionals all over the world. Niko Sunko analyses the mayor points that influenced his conscious choice in the great challenge of the new roaster.

With the IMF I have easy access to every part of the machine, which makes daily life much easier. Also, one unique feature of IMF due to its smart design and advanced technology is that you never have to clean the chimneys.

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