IMF and Caffè Borbone

Quality and technology at the service of customers

IMF, founded in 1990 and based in Occhiobello in the province of Rovigo, designs and manufactures innovative and highly technological roasting machines and plants.

The Occhiobello company was initially small with great potential, before being taken over in 2010 with commitment and enthusiasm by majority shareholder Alessandro Garbin, quickly leading IMF to become an industry leader in the national and international market.

An ongoing positive trend, along with the continuous implementation and search for new technologies and cutting-edge systems, over the years has led IMF to collaborate with some of the most important and renowned brands in the industry, including the famous Italian and now world-leading brand Caffè Borbone.

Founded in 1997 in Naples as a coffee roasting and packaging company, it specialised in the production of compatible pods and capsules, becoming one of the most important producers.

Its rapid growth sparked the interests of major investors, and in 2018 it became part of the Italmobiliare Group, which acquired 60% of the company.

Caffè Borbone synonymous with growth for IMF

As mentioned at the start, until being taken over in 2010 by Alessandro Garbin as majority shareholder with another two minority shareholders, IMF had only three employees. Today, it has more than 40. The company has since acquired additional space and buildings, becoming highly structured in terms of production, administration and management, and has recorded an impressive increase in the performance of its machinery and production.

Alessandro Garbin (IMF majority shareholder): “Our technology guarantees high energy efficiency and low atmospheric emissions thanks to the use of a single burner, the Vortex patent, boasting an integrated afterburner device. High reliability together with a guarantee of quality and consistent production ensures impeccable performance and a result that highlights the best characteristics of the coffee itself. Moreover, we can always be reached by our clients thanks to the online remote assistance service, allowing us to offer an after-sales service par excellence. In addition to the honour of being selected by a brand like Caffè Borbone, what gratified us most was our reaffirmation. Caffè Borbone has repeatedly renewed their trust in us over the years. The partnership with Caffè Borbone is a source of great pride for us, proving that the commitment, perseverance and continuous progress we have achieved in recent years is leading us in the right direction. Working with such an important brand and succeeding in meeting its needs is greatly satisfying for us and an incentive to keep doing better. We have developed several projects for them over the years, integrating high-tech machines equipped with dedicated roasting software, with Caffè Borbone’s own management system.”

2013: first collaboration between Caffè Borbone and IMF

Alessandro Garbin (IMF majority shareholder) with Massimo Renda (executive chairman of Caffè Borbone)

The year 2013 marked the first encounter between Massimo Renda, executive chairman of Caffè Borbone, and Alessandro Garbin, majority shareholder of IMF, for the purchase of the first machine.

At the time, Caffè Borbone was already one of the best-known brands nationwide, while IMF was steadily growing. This first successful purchase sparked an ongoing collaboration and deep-rooted trust that led to the sale of additional equipment to Caffè Borbone, and ultimately a custom-built system. The two Made in Italy companies had always shared a common goal, that of guaranteeing increasingly high-quality standards with an essential focus on ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY.

The new machines guarantee roasting of the highest quality, reliability and excellent energy performance, reducing the impact of post-roasting emissions in line with European regulations.

Massimo Renda (Executive chairman of Caffè Borbone): “With IMF, I sensed right away that a long-lasting partnership might be established that would lead us to develop new projects where we would play a leading role together, and so it was. With the aim of creating new solutions that guarantee ever-higher quality standards and cutting-edge technologies, it was with much enthusiasm that we began to share our views and regularly exchange ideas in an effort to find solutions perfectly suited to our reality.

The aim was to guarantee consumers high-quality coffee. The coffee roasting process, for example, which is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the two companies, has now reached extremely high levels in terms of quality and process technology.

The latest achievement stemming from the collaboration between IMF and CAFFÈ BORBONE is the automated green coffee silos plant, integrated with the software. These are a ‘tailor-made’ plant and machines that cater to the needs of the Naples-based company, directed by Massimo Renda, who, thanks to his experience and the support of innovative and reliable companies such as IMF, succeeds in creating increasingly high-performance solutions in terms of quality and technology.