How to upgrade to a new roaster

IMF RM60 @Bell Lane Coffee -  How to upgrade to a new roaster

How to know when it’s time to upgrade to a new roaster?

The matter will be approached in depth with the Perfect Daily Grind team to address all the critical points and provide new and heightened awareness to all those facing this situation.

Thanks to the insightful responses of Niko Sunko, head roaster and green coffee buyer at Bell Lane Coffee in Mullingar, Ireland.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Reasons for scaling operations: Roasters may need to expand their operations due to various factors, such as taking on new wholesale clients, launching an online store, or experiencing continuous growth in customer orders.
  2. Benefits of scaling: Scaling operations can lead to increased sales and revenue, stronger relationships with producers, and streamlined operations.
  3. When to scale: It’s ideal to scale up when operations are stable and all aspects of production are running smoothly. Continuous increases in coffee roasting volumes and sales indicate a need for expansion.
  4. Considerations on roaster size: While it’s possible to maintain operations with a small roaster, larger volumes of roasted coffee may require a larger machine to ensure efficiency, consistency, and quality.
  5. Choosing the right roaster size: Roasters need to consider factors like batch size, available space, budget, and energy supply when selecting a new machine.
  6. Tips for Investing in a larger roaster: Cost, space requirements, energy supply, and other factors should be carefully considered before upgrading to a larger roaster.

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