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Why you need to provide global support services

IMF RM15 - Why you need to provide global support services

Why coffee roaster manufacturers need to provide global support services?

Discover why coffee roaster manufacturers’ commitment to comprehensive support services is paramount for roasteries globally. Through an insightful dialogue with Federico Fantuzzi from IMF Roasters, Perfect Daily Grind delves into the vital aspects of ongoing assistance, from installation to maintenance, and how it directly impacts coffee quality and operational efficiency.

Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Impact of Machine Choice: Different types and brands of roasting machines can significantly affect coffee roasting and operational processes within a roastery.
  2. Challenges After Purchase: While purchasing a new roaster may seem straightforward, logistical considerations such as installation and adaptation to the new machine can pose challenges for roasters.
  3. Support During Transition: Roaster manufacturers should provide assistance in installing the new machine and help roasters adjust to operating it effectively. This support may include guidance on developing roast profiles, access to training, and assistance from expert trainers.
  4. Ongoing Support: Continuous support from manufacturers is essential, especially during the initial weeks of operating a new machine. Manufacturers should offer various levels of support tailored to the experience and needs of individual roasters.
  5. Maintenance and Care: Regular maintenance and cleaning are crucial for roasting machines. Manufacturers should provide guidance on maintenance tasks and offer immediate assistance in case of malfunctions.
  6. Customer Support Quality: Manufacturers that offer comprehensive customer support, including detailed documentation, on-site assessments, and prompt assistance, stand out in the industry.
  7. Global Support Services: Providing both online and in-person support ensures that manufacturers cater to the needs of their customers worldwide. Immediate assistance and access to support resources contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  8. Impact on Coffee Quality and Operations: Access to comprehensive support services enhances consistency in coffee quality and ensures smooth operational processes for roasteries.

In conclusion, roaster manufacturers play a crucial role in supporting their customers throughout the entire lifecycle of owning a roasting machine. Access to quality support services contributes to the success and satisfaction of roasteries in producing high-quality coffee.

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