Founded in 1994, IMF is specialized in design and creation of coffee roasters, complete plants and innovative solutions for the coffee industry.

Our distinctive approach is characterized by competence and professionalism, experience in the raw material, knowledge of production processes, continuous research and development, attention to the customer and, above all, a great passion for coffee.

IMF has as its goal the production of increasingly innovative and qualitative coffee roasters, which can satisfy the several needs of each customer, from small artisan coffee roasters to large industrial plants.

Tradition and innovation are blended to guarantee an exceptional level of roasting, a process in continuous improvement thanks to the constant support and technologically advanced solutions designed by our team with years of experience in the coffee world.

impianto fotovoltaico IMF torrefattrici e impianti

Our innovative technology

The original patented Vortex system, together with heat generator separated from the drum, allows a perfect temperature control during the whole roasting process, guaranteeing a uniform heat transfer inside the drum.

A technology that respects the environment, since IMF roasters do not need any additional catalyzer, with emission widely below law limits.

Respect towards coffee beans, enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of every origin in the cup.

The constant research and development focused on efficiency and pursuit of quality, led the company to the creation of IMF’s integrated roaster, chaff collector, afterburner, destoner and loader which requires less operating space compared to the conventional roasters using separated accessory systems. It’s possible to roast tons of coffee, batch after batch, and still rely on even consistency of each roasting profile, regardless of whether it’s the first or the last batch of the day. The PLC touch-screen allows you to automatically control each phase of the roasting process, from the loading of the green coffee silos to the roasting machine to the cooling cycle, stone removal, up to the loading of the roasted coffee to the silos.

Thanks to the technology created by our engineers, IMF roasters produce low emissions and have a reduced environmental impact. During the roasting process, these roasting machines can save at least 30% of fuel, compared to traditional burners, using a single burner which warms the roasting air and at the same time emits emissions. The smoke leave the roaster through a steel duct entering the combustion chamber where the dust and emissions are dropped. For this reason all the IMF coffee roasters respects all the emission limits, particulates, NOX and formaldehyde without the aid of additional knocking down systems.

Moreover, thanks to thirty years of experience of Alessandro Garbin, IMF CEO, the company is able to consult on designing plants besides teaching on the roasting process.

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