IMF offers a wide range of coffee roasters for every need, from small size models suitable for specialty coffee shops and small artisan productions, to industrial models for medium and large productions.

IMF roasters roast coffee with hot air by convection, and have a low emissions system integrated into the body of roaster and use a single afterburner, ensuring significant energy savings, and are also equipped with the exclusive Vortex patent for blending and for the complete control of the roasting air, air recirculation system and management software for checking all roasting process.

Industrial roasters

RM30, RM60, RM120, RM240 and RM480 are ideal for medium and large industrial production.

Coffee roasters are completed of an integrated destoner for the cleaning of foreign body and a continuous chaff extractor system, moreover there are available optionals as green coffee loader and additional cyclone for the cooling system.

Our industrial roasters

RM 30

RM 60

RM 120

RM 240

RM 480

Shop roasters

RM2, RM6 and RM15 models are ideal for small productions and are available in fully automatic and manual versions.

It’s possible to insert optional as green coffee loader, destoner for the foreign bodies and continuous chaff extractor.

Our shop roasters

RM 2

RM 6

RM 15

IMF automatic wood roasting machines transfer the heat produced by wood combustion to the coffee beans indirectly, generating a clean hot air around 600°C.

Thanks to the Vortex system patented by IMF, the flow of clean hot air mixes with the cold ambient air, through a PLC-controlled modulating valve, to reduce the temperature exactly to that necessary for roasting.

IMF has managed to combine successfully the most used heat source of the past, wood, with the technology of its Vortex patent, integrating traditional roasting and innovative technology.

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