Ananas Roastery, rising specialty coffee company in Saudi Arabia

IMF met Mohammed Jowhar, founder of Ananas Roastery, an emerging and fast-growing brand in Specialty coffee roasting in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Mohammed defines himself as a coffee artist with the goal of raising the local coffee community culture quality and awareness to compete with the different global realities. In an exclusive interview, the owner of Ananas Roastery speaks about choosing IMF roasters.

“It is important to have an innovative and eco-sustainable technology that guarantees high quality standards, uniformity in production, monitoring and control.”

RM15 Specialty Roaster with Ananas Roastery in Dammam Saudi Arabia
RM15 Specialty Roaster with Ananas Roastery in Dammam Saudi Arabia
  • Did you make any specific studies or did you learn by yourself?

I achieved the intermediate level international roasting certification at the Specialty Coffee Association in Saudi Arabia. A level, for those like me who had already had experience in the sector, much more focused on the working environment and with higher requirements.

  • How do you know IMF?  Why IMF?

I got to know IMF through YouTube platform, where I first saw the company videos. Right from the start I felt passionate and informed about who IMF is and how it works. I was really impressed by how the roasters work and operate. Their innovative technology allows a better production and consistency, as well have perfect profiling and total control.

RM15 Specialty Roaster with Ananas Roastery in Dammam Saudi Arabia
  • Would you recommend IMF to other roasters?

Sure! After trying many other roasters I’m happy to say I would definitely recommend IMF to any roasting company seeking top of the range machinery and unmatched technology, especially to those looking for scalable solutions to be integrated with complementary equipment in the future, for upgrading production and workflow standards. Last but not least, what truly impressed me was the human relationship with the whole IMF team, always ready to answer my questions and support me in my project.

Mohammed Jowhar in IMF company
Ananas Roastery coffee