A commune collaboration

IMF RM240 - A commune collaboration

When it comes to purchasing roasting equipment, speed and consistency are one thing, but environmental considerations are another. Coffeetrend magazine speaks to The Coffee Commune Founder Phillip Di Bella about his longstanding relationship with IMF Roasters and the importance of sustainable roasting solutions.

The first question Phillip Di Bella asks when he starts his day is “how can I be of help?”. The Founder and Managing Director of The Coffee Commune in Bowen Hills (Queensland – Australia) says for him, success is measured by how many people he can help accelerate their potential. “My whole brand promise and purpose is to see people grow and get them from where they are, to where they want to be” Phillip says. “So, each day I ask myself: how can I help a coffee enthusiast, barista, café owner, roaster, or supplier?”.

With the impetus to help grow more businesses, Phillip launched The Coffee Commune in March 2021. The 2,000-square-metre facility is worth an estimated $20 million, including a green bean warehouse, shared roasting facility, and packaging machines, with the mission to help coffee businesses become
more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

Since its opening, The Coffee Commune has gained 95 members and welcomed seven start-up businesses. Phillip says because The Coffee Commune is a welcome facility to all its members, and not a rival coffee brand, there is no threat of competition. As such, customers are discovering the shared facility as a means to kick-start their business without rent or infrastructure costs or work more economically in this post-COVID world.

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