IMF Roasters

Coffee roasters and plants for coffee roasting

Made in Italy

100% Italian production according to the highest certified quality standards

Customized solutions

Study and design of customized solutions for roasting, starting from the customer's needs

Environmental sustainability

Ongoing research of sustainable technologies, respecting the environment and with low emissions

Global After Sales Assistance

After-sales assistance service dedicated to customers all over the world

Our products

A complete range of professional roasters, plants and equipment for coffee roasting

Coffee Roasters

A wide range of coffee roasters for every need, from small-sized models suitable for specialty coffee shops and small artisan productions, to industrial models for medium and large productions.


Design and creation of complete coffee roasting plants that can be customized according to the customer's needs.

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Global support services

Why you need to provide global support services Why coffee roaster manufacturers need to provide global support services? Discover why …

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Story of passion and innovation

“The past year has represented another important step of growth and evolution for IMF. We have grown in terms of …

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How to upgrade to a new roaster

How to know when it’s time to upgrade to a new roaster? The matter will be approached in depth with …

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