IMF Roasters

Coffee roasters and plants for coffee roasting

Made in Italy

100% Italian production according to the highest certified quality standards

Customized solutions

Study and design of customized solutions for roasting, starting from the customer's needs

Environmental sustainability

Ongoing research of sustainable technologies, respecting the environment and with low emissions

Global After Sales Assistance

After-sales assistance service dedicated to customers all over the world

Our products

A complete range of professional roasters, plants and equipment for coffee roasting

Coffee Roasters

A wide range of coffee roasters for every need, from small-sized models suitable for specialty coffee shops and small artisan productions, to industrial models for medium and large productions.


Design and creation of complete coffee roasting plants that can be customized according to the customer's needs.

News from IMF world

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Ananas Roastery, rising specialty coffee company in Saudi Arabia

IMF met Mohammed Jowhar, founder of Ananas Roastery, an emerging and fast-growing brand in Specialty coffee roasting in Dammam, Saudi …

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Total control for Specialty coffee roasting

Born with an Industrial Soul set on productivity purposes, able to easily process tons of coffee batch after batch with …

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Recirculating heat for all roast sizes

BeanScene speaks to Roastquip Managing Director Will Notaras about his longstanding relationship with IMF roasters and the importance of sustainable …

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